Throhuil Nimsain

An elvish master of the darker arts


Elvish Adventurer Level 1. HP: 4. THACO: 20. AC: 4. Alignment: Unknown. Saves: P,P,DM-13; P,P-12; R,S,W-14; BW-16; Spell-15
STR:18 Hit +1/Dam +2/ WA: +750/ OD: 1-3/ BBLG: 16%
INT:18 AL: +7/ KNOW % 85/ Min/Lev 9/ Max/Lev 18
WIS:9 MA Adjust: None/ Spell Bonus: None/ Fail: 20%
DEX:18 React Adjust +3/ Surp. Adjust +3/ Def. Adjust +4
CON:18 HP: +2(4)hp/Lev/ SSS: 99%/ Resurrect Survival: 100%
CHA:9 Max Hire 4/ Loyalty: Nrm/ RA: Nrm
Languages: Elvish, Gnomish, Halfling, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orcish, Gnoll, ‘Common’ Tongue, Hill Giant, Ogrish, Lizardman, Thieves’ Cant, Assassin’s Dialect

Adventurer Abilities:
PP: 45%
OL: 35%
MS: 30%
HIS: 30% actively searching, finds concealed doors 2 in 6,
CW: 85% 3 in 6 if actively searching.
RL: – *Silent when alone or with other elves (no metal armor).
Elvish Abilities:
*Resistance to Sleep 7 Charm Spells 90%.
*+1 with Swords 7 Bows.
*Infravision up to 60’ in darkness.
*Finds Secret Doors on a 1 in 6 chance, 2 in 6 if

Possessions: Dagger*, Leather armor, Black & purple cloak, Two longswords of fine Elvish make, Long Bow with 24 arrows (in quiver), Quiver, Girdle with large pouches, Leather Satchel, Special instruments, Rations for 1 week, Pint of mead, Cowl of Faith,

Other: 50% Chance of taking care of business


An elf hailing from the elvish cities of the west, Throhuil ran away from home when he was a mere child, being 23 and that equating to being barely even 1/5 of his way to adulthood. It is suspected that he ran away out of abuse at home. Throhuil is an expert linguist, currently being the master of thirteen languages ranging from Elvish to Ogrish.
He has been called many things, murderer, freak, vagrant, and so on. He dislikes most humans, but does not exclusively hate them. He does, however, exclusively hate Orcs, Half-Orcs, Dark Elves, Wild Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves, and Giants. HE has a personal specific reason for hating each one, odd as they may be. It may be seen as racism, and in all actuality it probably is.
He is currently doing his job with standard excellence, using his dual long swords or his long bow.

Throhuil Nimsain

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